Available now in the Mac App Store!

Previously we’ve sold GollyGee Blocks direct to schools or to parents through our website, mailing out CDs or letting people download the software. But with the advent of the Mac App Store it’s a lot easier to get GollyGee Blocks on your home computer!

To open the Mac App Store, update your Mac to the latest 10.6.6 OS and open the App Store from the Apple menu in the upper right corner. It’s easiest to find GollyGee Blocks by just type gollygee into the search box in the upper right. Click the button under the icon in the upper left and it will be installed and put on your dock right away!

We think this is the easiest, best way for people at home to get our software and so for the time being we’re ceasing sales through our own web site. We’re still happy to sell directly to schools, either with a purchase order or by invoicing them directly. Please contact us if you’d like to do so.